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Our History

There is a lot of experience that inspiring the opening of Indonesia Freelancer.com services, such as the need for people living in different countries and the difficulty of getting services and personnel from local people to help with their difficulties here.

Our Vision

To provide legal professional any services that you need for the global community in Indonesia , at an affordable cost. With the development of the world of information and technology with the opening of free markets between countries, the borders between countries are increasingly accessible for all people to be more easily traveled to all countries in the world, we are increasingly optimistic about our services.

Why Choose Us ?




We can adjust the needs you want, whether it’s just work in the field of services, energy or supply of goods.




this is very true, counted in any way, than you come here by yourself, it will be more economical if you pay for our services.




You and we , will be more comfortable, because we only want to serve the services of your work that are official, legal and not against the law in Indonesia


we are in central java. A very strategic position, because we are able to reach quickly in various directions all around Indonesia.


Do you have Any Questions ?


Q : Document Services ?

A : Yes, we can take care of it. It could be that you have a business in Indonesia and need freelancers to take care of it for you, any various types of documents.

Q : Finding goods / products ?

A : Yes, we can, why not. Maybe you are curious about something that is only here, and you want it. Or you maybe will open a business in your country, and are looking for raw materials from here as an example of a product.

Q : Providing accommodation ?

A : You might be planning to go here and need a hotel reservation or even transportation needs and maybe others accomodation.

Q : Local Guide ?

A : Maybe you are planning to go here, and you need a local person to invite you to accompany you here, remembering that you might go out alone not knowing the environment that is unfamiliar to you

Q : other assistance ?

A : Yes of course , why not. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Q : About Payment ?

A : In the meantime, we only accept international payments via PayPal. For your convenience, 50% pay in advance for our operational costs, and the rest, after the work is completed.