” It would be cheaper to pay for the services of local people , than ourselves go there across the ocean “

This is true, imagine if you live in the Americas, Europe, Africa or even Asia, and suddenly you have a need that you must complete in Indonesia.

you have to spend more expensive prices on the cost of airplane tickets, hotels, accommodations, meals and other costs if you are here by yourself, yet your precious time is wasted during the trip.



it will be very easy for us to complete your assignment here, considering we are local people.

Trusted & Secure

we will try to complete your tasks as much as possible and as quickly as possible

Best Value

guaranteed, our total costs will be cheaper and can be adjusted according to the type of assignment from you.


You can easily contact us to monitor the progress of your assignment.


we will explore indonesia for your needs

Indonesia is very vast, consisting of thousands of islands and a variety of different tribes, races, cultures and religions.

We are ready to explore it for your needs.

we can help you for :

  • Document Management
  • Search for Goods / Services
  • Location Survey
  • Hotel Accommodation / Transportation
  • Handle Local Business
  • Local Guide
  • … etc , please feel free to consult with us

3 easy steps to start with us


Consult Your Needs

please describe clearly the details of the work / services that you need from us.


We Will Calculate Your Costs

After we know the details of your assignment, we will calculate the estimated cost that we need.


we started working

we will immediately work on your assignment, and you can always contact us at any time to monitor the progress of your assignment

Terms and Conditions

Your jobs / service request must be legal and does not violate applicable laws in Indonesia.

For now , to simplify the international payment process, we only accept via PayPal..

For payments, 50% upfront for operational costs and the rest after the work is done.